Good luck to those of you who invested in XRP (Ripple tokens)

For those of you who have been reading this space for quite some time, you know that I don’t often write negative stuff here. However, I make an exception when I feel that it is something in the public interest to know, or it is an important expose to make because people are getting misled. 

I wrote about Ripple (XRP) tokens a few days ago because I could no longer take how people were being blindsided by the mass media and various online “influencers” into buying it.

If you’re new to crypto, please read these first:

Source: Twitter (first shared by my friend G)

Why do people believe that the value of XRP tokens are connected to the success of Ripple as a company?

I don’t doubt that the Ripple system is being used by banks  to great success. I also think that they have a long runway to grow in terms of acquiring more clients and attracting more financial institutions onboard. But I’m wary about the XRP tokens, which are presently not being used as much as the Ripple system is. 

My other concerns about investing in XRP can be found in an extensive analysis here so I won’t be repeating myself.

Source: Twitter and CNBC where over USD 30k was spent on buying XRP during the show
I also know of someone who bought XRP because of this:

So to all of you who bought because you saw it on mass / social media without really understanding how disconnected the XRP tokens are from the Ripple system…I can only wish you good luck, especially if you bought Ripple at $3 or higher believing that its value will only go up.

Take a look at XRP today:

Look at all those people who panic sold without understanding why XRP’s price was reduced on CMC. This is what happens when you buy a coin you don’t believe in, or when you buy shitcoins.
Can it go up higher? Sure. Can it go down? Yes, because my opinion is it is an absolute travesty that a coin with barely any utility value right now has a $100 billion market cap.

You’re free to disagree with my opinion. In the meantime, I’m staying far, far away from XRP.

Ain’t no love for XRP.
Signing off,

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